Alex's love of Prince came at the age of 18, when his friend George handed him over a cassette which contained selections of Prince's first 4 albums.


Alex began incorporating songs like Purple Rain & Kiss  into his sets and more often than not, people were coming up to him and saying how much he sounded like Prince.


Alex had contemplated on becoming a Prince tribute artist over the years but felt he was one of those Artists you just don't do. When Prince passed away in April 2016, Alex felt like a close friend and mentor had died.


In September 2016, A Prince Tribute night was held at "Starfish Loves Coffee" in Palmers Green, London,  where Alex performed an impromptu  "Piano & A Microphone" set.

The success of that night had more or less made his mind up. The audience were telling him how much he sounded like the real thing, but hearing these comments from true Prince fans meant so much.


Since September 2017, Alex has taken his tribute to Prince on the road and hasn't looked back.


1 x 60 mins Prince Set


1 x 45 Prince Hits

1 x 45 Mixed Party Set


1 x 60-70 mins Prince Set

including "A Piano & A Microphone"